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That moment when everything is hilarious and confusing.

I was supposed to be in Salt Lake City tonight. No, wait. Maybe Boise? But instead I’m in Los Angeles going to work in a different base, working my way to San Diego.

(And yes, I’ve been in San Diego more times than I can count this month, mostly because of crazy things like my aircraft being struck by lightning mid-descent …but that’s a story for a different day.)

That moment when you don’t know where you’ll end up sleeping tonight. That moment when you don’t know whether the weather is going to get you stuck in Calgary or stranded somewhere in the Philippines. That moment when you just throw your hands in the air because really, you have no control over anything.

I was supposed to post a blog post and maybe a video blog yesterday, but I thought it was a different day of the week.

LAX Sunset

That moment when you forget what day it is.

I was supposed to work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas this year, but a cancelled flight, surprise granted vacation (I requested the day off over a year ago), a rare trip drop and all the stars aligning gave me all three days off work.

I’m sure I’ll work the next twenty holidays in a row, but who knows?

That moment when everything surprises you.

That moment when you just laugh and realize that you’re a flight attendant, and there’s no such thing as a predictable day or week or year.

I’ve been working on putting together all of those wonderful holiday selfie videos that you have been sending me and I can’t wait to share all of them with you.

This (flight attendant) life never ceases to surprise me.


Travel with Talia

That moment when you realize that we’re all in this together.

Happy Holidays from! Check back throughout the month to see videos of all of your pretty faces wishing everyone a Merry Festivus (or whatever you celebrate!), and keep sending those videos to

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