one woman’s search for purpose and place

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K.J. Watts writes debut book based on Flight Attendant Life.

At twenty-three years old, Kara has no clue what to do with her life. Except, she knows what NOT to do. Yet, after college and amidst a crippled economy, endless job rejections, and a weird breakup, she accepts the one path she intended to avoid. Kara becomes a flight attendant. The result? A compelling story of success, identity, and belonging from the vantage point of a girl who desperately seeks an edge, but falls into the sky.

The book, invites you to travel with Kara and a cast of supporting characters as they navigate an intoxicating (and sometimes misunderstood) world of private jets and the aviation industry. A coming-of-age story that weaves together a conflict of success vs love; this book is a poignant tale of the search for who we are and what we are made for.