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Don’t Marry Old Captains

if you find yourself with a man who wears his anger like a bruise left long ago by his stepfather’s fist and his first wife’s infidelities I suggest

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Thank God I’m Flying Tonight…

“Thank God I’m going to Sweden tonight…” I thought to myself as the rhythmic rotations of my legs propelled me and my mint green bike with the pink basket through the muggy Florida

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“Not Always Ok:” The Story Of The Red Balloons

When you aren’t “always ok” with the adventure you are in— honest thoughts on letting go of what’s holding you back

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A Flight Attendant’s Perspective On Love & Dating

*Not all flight attendants or individuals in aviation experience this in aviation.  This is simply the perspective of one.* I wanted to prove them wrong in dating.

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Long Distance Relationships & FaceTime Break-ups

You’re right there, but I can’t touch you.  I see your face, and I hear your words, but you are not in my room, or my home, or even pulling one of

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