Summer in Scandinavia makes an already incredible part of the world just that much more appealing.  Long days, comfortable weather, music festivals, architectural delights, lovely cafes, and gorgeous people?  What more could any girl want, especially this girl, who is so thankful to escape Florida whenever possible, and has come to believe that in her past life, she must have been Scandinavian.

Bicycle Kristiansand

I was first introduced to Scandinavia two years ago, taking a trip, by myself, at the end of May.  The weather was warming up.  Copenhagen had my heart at hello.  The bike culture, cafes, and how the Danes dress, made me wish I could live in the city all summer long.  I still want to live a summer in Scandinavia, but as that isn’t exactly realistic, will take the fact that I am ‘forced’ to return to Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen over, and over, and over again.  Sometimes even to the tempo of three times per 10 days.  It’s not vacation, but if this has to be work, well, I am lucky.


Last summer, I wrote on my dream board, ‘Visit Norway.’  I had never been, and now, I’ve gone over six times in one month, and to more than one city within the country.  Dreams are a beautiful thing, because even when they happen, as they usually do when consistent focus, hard-work, and thoughtful intentionality are combined, they appear different, often better than expected.  And this could be encompass the summary of my life.


I highly recommend that you spend time in Scandinavia this summer.  It’s safe to travel to alone.  You will find culture, clubs, good food, and friendly people.  Don’t use the excuse of, “It’s too expensive!”  Airfare prices are dropping steadily.  Also, there are ways to save on other travel expenses by using sites like AirBnb, or going to the market instead of dinners out.

Besides, how could you regret dropping a little bit of change, to see places like this?!

Arendal, Norway


Arendal, Norway

Akker Brygge

Akker Brygge, Oslo, Norway

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

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  1. Hi! I’m new to you blog, so I haven’t had a chance to look around very much, but I am very interested in being a flight attendant! What airline do you work for?

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