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Which Story Will You Tell?

This is for Becca, I’ve never met you, but you inspire me.  I’ve never met many people that have read this blog, but your emails, comments, and quiet support fill me with purpose.  Thank

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God & Strip Clubs

Among the myriad of projects that I have on my agenda is to write a book.  This isn’t a new addition per se.  It’s something that I have thought about, but it was Dorie’s encouragement,

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Peanut Butter Goes Better With Jelly

I sit around in my room for hours on end, drinking tea and listening to The Sleep Playlist on Spotify.  I curl up with a book, the only interruption being the frequent whistles of a text messages from

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Happy Birthday Blog

My blog is a year old this month.  That makes me smile.   My baby isn’t the most popular toddler on the block, but it certainly is personality.  The site has surprised me with the attention

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