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10 Ways To Make Travel Happen On Less

Small budget, big travel dreams?  How can you visit the places that you want on your salary?  It’s just not enough.  Well, change your tune, and save your change, because it is possible to make

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How To Pick A Vacation Destination

Some of you that follow the travel jaunts of The Flight Attendant Life may see no rhyme or reason to the places that I choose to visit, or the order that I choose to visit them.  Vietnam as my first

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Why Iceland?

From a destination that is so overpopulated to the most sparsely populated country in Europe, Iceland is in striking opposition to the character and personality of Southern California.  The varied and

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Hello Jet Lag: Traveling International & Dealing with Jet-Lag

Today, I feel fuzzy.  Droopy eyelids.  Low energy.  I want to do nothing.  Formulating coherent thoughts is extra challenging right now. Hello Jet Lag! A handful of naps, movies, and snacks later, I

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