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Why Being a Flight Attendant is like Finding Your Soulmate

Bingo, I thought as the question casually rolled off the lead pilot’s tongue. “So, are you looking for a full-time job?” Whether I wanted a full-time position with more security and

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What To Do After “Flight Attendant Life:” Interview with former flight attendants

It’s easy to think that a flight attendant’s life will end (at least all of the best adventures) if they choose to leave flying. But, what if there was more beyond, above, and before you, if you honor

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“What Do You Want?”

“What do you want?” I asked pointedly— the words digitally etched into existence. The text message had a haunting feel to it, as if the question should have been directed at me instead of

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“I Hate Being A Flight Attendant:” An Open Letter When We Judge Those Who Don’t Love Cabin Crew Life

Last night, during the hours of 1am and 3am, when jet lag consistently claims all hopes of sleep, I began searching for flight attendant videos on YouTube. This led me to discovering an uber talented

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