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Jet Life: What you need to get a flight attendant job

This is Jet Life— Confessions of a flight attendant. Note: I wrote this months ago, but added some in at time of publishing. Hope you enjoy! I’m tired. In a good way. Crudité and cheese platters. Mint,

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What you should really envy about a pilot’s and flight attendant’s job

Most people think that the greatest perks of an aviation lifestyle center around the intoxicating whirlwind of the best cities and places. Yeah. That can be a benefit, but honestly, it’s not the reason

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“No Middle Runway:” Why A Career As A Flight Attendant Is A Bad Idea If You Only ‘Kinda Like It’

  It seems to be a divided road, or maybe I should say; ‘runway.’ Either people— observing us as flight attendants— wonder how in the world we can

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25 Reasons Why Being An International Flight Attendant Is The Best Thing EVER

I had intended this to be a more informative post, but it then turned into a fun list. It will have it’s counterpart blog soon: “25 Reasons Why Being An International Flight Attendant Is The

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From Blog Reader To Flight Attendant

During my sophomore year of college, I had this crazy idea. After graduation, I was going to become a flight attendant. It seemed like the perfect idea. I would

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