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Landing Corporate Flight Attendant Interviews In Business Aviation: Part 2

Tips, techniques and professional etiquette skills for face-to-face flight attendant interviews.

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The Importance of Mentoring in an Aviation Career

The importance of mentors and mentees as a corporate flight attendant in business aviation.

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“The Fit:” How-To Land The Best Flight Attendant Jobs

Perfect resume and the experience to back, but you still are not getting the job? Guest post on that elusive and essential ‘Flight Attendant Fit.’

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5 Private Jet Flight Attendants You Need To Follow Right Now On Instagram

The lifestyle and job responsibilities of a corporate flight attendant is quite fascinating— especially if you are not part of the industry. I would venture to guess that you probably don’t have any

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Being A Male Corporate Flight Attendant In Business Aviation

When I first became a Commerical Flight Attendant, I would always dream of working on private jets with the rich and famous. However, I never dreamt it would

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