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I’m going to give you an uncommon piece of advice. You need to just give up. Yeah. I know everyone tells you to, “Never give up,” “Don’t quit,” “Keep fighting,” but this time, I’m telling you something different.

You need to give





[the job]



[insert the blank]


to become who you truly were meant to become. 

You actually might be feeling like giving up right now as today, or yesterday (I don’t really know which one), is now dubbed as, “The darkest day in America’s history.” I don’t want to write a political piece, so this won’t be that. This is about you. This is about me. This is about how we will DECIDE to live amidst the good, bad, and ugly that happens in the world and our country[ies]. 

This is about moving forward and being better people today than we were yesterday.

I don’t know if much of what I will write will make sense to you. It might not make sense, because the year I’ve been through doesn’t make sense. Maybe you understand years like that. I think we all, in some way, have been through a monumental year. This week for me has culminated in more emotional and life changing incidents that I can actually comprehend. But, I feel like God has brought me here— wherever here may be— and somehow, I’m cared for and loved. Somehow, I see the impossible turning into possible.

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You often get to see the world I show you— a flight attendant’s world. It’s one filled with cute Copenhagen streets and perfect cappuccinos. Summer days in Southern California when it’s not summer, but actually winter and just feels like summer. And sunsets on the farm that blanket a field of Almond trees in the best and brightest glow you could ever imagine. This is the world you have joined me in; this is the world that I love to share with you. It’s my personal world that is a little bit more multi-layered and full of conflicting emotions. This is what’s hard to explain.

It’s been one week since I had my last trip with The International AirlineHow am I? How does it feel to be done? Do you have a job yet? What are you doing? 

Well, I can honestly say, I’m not really sure every answer to every question, but I have more faith than I have ever had. More faith in myself, my God, and my future. That is the best feeling and state of being I could ask for right now.

But you wonder, “Do I miss the airline?” Well, not yet. I’ve been so scared that I will miss it to tears. That my heart will break. That I can’t even. But, I actually don’t think I will. There’s just so much more in the world to learn from, experience, and adore. I’m ready for it. I have also had a lot occur in the last seven days, so I just do not have the mental capacity and emotional ability to look back with longing at what I left.

My week post quit included:

  • My last trip without a new job ready, but with faith that God and an undying positive spirit, determination, and desire would fill in my gaps.
  • The last commute for a bit.
  • A day waiting at a studio to film something that didn’t actually get filmed.
  • Celebrating the life and passing of my 92 year-old Grandfather in a beautiful memorial of his life— surrounded by a loving and incredible family who is a beautiful testament to the legacy a man of integrity can leave in his lifetime. I’ll miss my Grandpa so much.
  • I leave in two days for Paris and Israel; a trip I didn’t even know I would actually go on because the companies had yet to purchase my airline tickets till two days ago. I like living spontaneously like that I suppose.
  • Ferociously attacking my freelance client writing work because that paycheck matters and I’m going to have so much to do soon, that I won’t be able to keep up of if I’m not caught up.
  • And interviewing.

There isn’t room in my life for The International Airline. I let go of the familiar for everything unfamiliar. I let go to grow. I let go, because there is someone I want to become and to be her, I can’t be there. I need to be looking forward, moving forward, and growing forward. I gave up. I truly gave up, and by giving up, I am making room for the next best thing to show up. And it is, it has, and it will.

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Yesterday, while hanging out with Alana, shooting photos for blogs and vlogs, I looked into the yellow glow of the sun setting over the Santa Monica Pier. With tears almost forming, I glanced over to Alana and the snap-click of her camera, and said, “I am so blessed, grateful, and thankful to be home.” Having the courage to quit was the best thing that I could have done for myself.

What do you need to do today to create your best thing? Where and what do you need to “give up?”

Just wanted to repost this from my other account, because I wanted you guys to know how I’ve been feeling since quitting. Read the snippet of copy below for quick insight. #blogs and videos coming soon #repost @wishesnwaterlust ・・・ . . . “I think it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love.” —Atticus . In so many ways I loved (and hated) my job as an international #flightattendant. Giving it up, letting go, and jumping into an unknown is probably one of the most difficult moves I’ve made in awhile, but one week post last trip; my smile is genuine, my laughter laced with a breath of relief, and my determination to live my destiny is dotted with peace and a sureness I didn’t know before . I feel real. I feel like I’m finally the driver of my life. And that creates a priceless state of being. So blessed and thankful to my God, my friends, and my family who watch over, encourage, and love me in the adventure of life . I think I need to blog this… #wishesnwsterlust #theflightattendantlife Photo cred: @lovealanachan

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Hello, I’m K. J. Watts, but my friends call me Kara. I fell into the sky and have worked as International cabin crew, on private jets as a corporate flight attendant, and earned an FAA Private Pilot Certificate. Over a decade ago, I started this blog, which developed into a love for writing and a debut memoir based on Flight Attendant Life. A California native, I now live in Sydney, Australia, where I enjoy spending time with my husband, writing, and surfing.

  1. Hello there:
    I don’t know you and I’m grateful to have stumbled across your blog as I love to hear FA’s experiences and how it affected their lives. In life, the average person goes through three career changes. I’m not sure what’s your next chapter and whatever it may be, I wish you so much light and laughter on your journey. I’m pursuing with so much effort into becoming a flight attendant as my next career. I am single, no kids and blessed to have a few good friends, which is all I need. I don’t miss the drama of family gatherings because that’s pretty much the dominant vibration – drama.

    I was a high school teacher and it would of been a fulfilling career hadn’t politics got in the way. I was ready to law school, then 9/11 happened and that changed the course. I became a career paralegal in NYC with a wealthy firm and the stock market crashed resulting in severe setbacks. I am became a Yoga teacher and therapist and I love it and for six years I reflected on what I could balance it out with. Then it came, just helping people – making them feel safe. I guess I attribute this quality in me because I just been around so many people filled with resentment, anger, character flaws and anxiety. I knew it felt right.

    I read so many FA’s experiences on how the industry burned them, they missed their family(ies), etc. I realized that it requires a a strong calibur and mental clarity to be a FA. I’m grateful that Yoga has provided me that as it changed my lifestyle and how I see the world.

    As I sit here, I am preparing for an interview with ultra low carrier in the US called Frontier for tomorrow as they are flying me out to Denver. Sure I was disappointed that I didn’t get the call for a real interview with United or Delta and that’s okay. I have to start somewhere and I’m confident in me. Your blog inspired me a bit to see this industry from all angles and mentally prepare myself even more. Perhaps one day i’ll get to be part of a team that flies all over the world. I’m slowly looking to learn a new language in Italian or French.

    Thank you for your wonderful words!
    Instagram: effortandgraceyoga

  2. Thank You! Thank you for your vulnerability, thank you for your wisdom, thank you for your light! I left a job I loved to become a flight attendant –almost 2 years ago– because I had so much wanderlust. This morning I was browsing through a PR forum, and saw a posting for writers to review a portable coffee brewing machine. All I wanted to do was find a blog that I could potentially pitch an article, what I found was your site. Your honesty, your passion, your failures, your unshakable faith, and amazing gift for writing, may have just saved me. What you have shared and continue to share, is a narrative that I have found myself so often feeling, and I thought I was in it alone. I may not have all of this life figured out, but I know one thing. YOU WILL succeed! Your positive outlook, your use of your gifts, your sharing of your faith, and your belief, is so important. God has and will continue receive so much glory from your life, and for that you will be blessed beyond measure! I don’t even know you, but I can see the blessings that will be upon you. Keep shining, and I can’t wait to see where life takes you!

  3. Girl, I relate so very much to your blog: it’s truly divine to read your thoughts sprawled out on my phone while traveling. Often, I feel like you are speaking exactly what’s in my mind! Keep on keepin’ on! Private is AMAZING- you’ll love it AND thrive. Blessings girl!

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