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The Importance of Mentoring in an Aviation Career

The importance of mentors and mentees as a corporate flight attendant in business aviation.

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Networking at Aviation Events as a Corporate Flight Attendant

Scott D. Arnold, partner at DaVinci Inflight Training Institute, shares best networking practices for corporate flight attendants attending aviation events.

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The Flight Attendant Resume: Part 2

Scott D. Arnold, Partner at DaVinci Training Institute, shares how to design a resume so it stands out and attracts a hiring manager’s attention.

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“The Résumé:” How flight attendants can impress a hiring manager in less than six seconds

As a corporate flight attendant, the resume is the prospective employer’s first impression of you, and it’s your strongest promotional tool prior to meeting the client.

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“The Fit:” How-To Land The Best Flight Attendant Jobs

Perfect resume and the experience to back, but you still are not getting the job? Guest post on that elusive and essential ‘Flight Attendant Fit.’

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A Higher Level: The importance of advanced training standards in private aviation

EDITOR'S NOTE: Flight Attendant Life is extremely honored to welcome Scott Arnold as a guest contributor. Mr. Arnold is a Partner at DaVinci Inflight Training Institute in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,

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