I practically lived in my new pair of boots from AirlineShoes.com while in Paris over the weekend. “Have you worn those every single day?” he asked me. Well, yeeeaaah. Is there a problem?!?!

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I am seriously impressed with the comfort, style, and warmth of the knee high black Katarina boot. Although I wore the boots while exploring quaint Parisian side-streets that shimmered with rain, the Katarina boot would be perfect for your International long haul airline, domestic diva (stew) life, or private flying gig. Super functional, comfortable, and stylish; these boots are my favorite shoe that I’ve received from AirlineShoes.com.

Check out my review below of the pair of flats and short bootees that I’ve also tried. For a discount code on your next purchase, please use THEFALIFE.


About two months ago, I received a couple of new airline shoes in the mail. For the first time ever, I had a short boot style for flying and really classy flats; flats specifically for inflight service. Both of these shoes I were from AirlineShoes.com.

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Airline Shoes designs flight attendant and cabin crew shoes that are made from the highest quality material; with both comfort and style as a primary concern. The company uses Ortholite insoles— the insoles that many running and high impact shoes have— which makes your feet so much more comfortable when working long days in the sky. Since style also matters, the designs are simple, classy, and modern; with choices between full boots, heels, flats, and short bootees for women. Styles for men are also available, and I imagine those are just a classy and comfy.

During my seven-and-a-half years as a flight attendant, I have never chosen the same brand of shoe over and over again. I think this is great, because I can compare AirlineShoes to other experiences. Although I have liked many of the shoes I have had in the past, other styles and companies I bought shoes from did have their downsides; whether that be pain after too much time on my feet, having to remove my shoes when going through security, or the price. With AirlineShoes, I have been so satisfied with both the fit and style on my trips! They are really great. I think that for the price and the type of shoe you (style and comfort), AirlineShoes should be a top choice and option for any airline crew member.

There are a couple of things that stand out to me about the shoes I got from Airline Shoes. First of all, it is really important to me that I can go through security screenings at airports without my shoes making the detector alarm. With my Anna Bootee and Lucy Black from AirlineShoes, I do not have to remove my shoes. This is such a plus. I also really like the style. I think both are cute and classy. The Anna Bootee is so comfortable, that I actually could wear the shoe almost all day without needing to change into my inflight flats.

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The reason I chose the two designs that I did is because I wanted a boot that would be nice for the fall season; stylish, comfortable, I could fit easily in my suitcase, and look cute to wear during my layovers as well as for work. I picked the Lucy Black— a more flat, in-flight shoe– because I wanted to upgrade the quality and look of the shoes I normally wear during my 9hr flights. I also thought this shoe would double nicely for a classy layover walking shoe. I was right. I wear my Lucy Black outside of work a lot. (This shoe also does not alarm through security).

As I said, I have tried many shoes over my years as a cabin crew, and AirlineShoes is a company that I highly recommend. I have been extremely happy wearing these shoes during my long haul flights and have appreciated their functionality even when away from the aircraft.

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You can purchase your shoes by visiting AirlineShoes.com. Use at THEFALIFE for an exclusive discount on your purchase.

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