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How Travel Happens

Travel happens imperfectly.  Unexpectedly. Travel happens intentionally.  Logically. Travel happens illogically. Travel mixes reality and fairytale.   Travel

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7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life

7 Steps To Create An Adventurous Life Can I make an embarrassing confession?  Really, I know it’s not something I should feel embarrassed about, but with this

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Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland

It’s that time of year: roaring fireplaces, fresh baked cookies, twinkling lights, mittens and mistletoe. …but if you’re a flight attendant like me, you’ll probably be trapped at

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Why Living Out Of A Suitcase Is The Time Of Your Life

I had a comment recently from a blog reader, and newly hired flight attendant, who will start flight attendant training next week.  She responded to the blog about crash pad life, saying that she wishes

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Why Travel Brings Happiness

Often, I am asked if I have always had a love for travel, and traveled a lot when I was younger.  Well, not really.  My family went on family vacations, but mostly road trips up the California and Oregon

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A British Holiday & What I’m Learning About The Travel Life

When the subject of travel and destination visits arise, I surprise most when I mention that I have never been to London.  That was until a few weeks ago when I went to visit Hilary, a summer camp and

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