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I Want You To Stay: An Open Letter To The Runaway Flight Attendant

Faster. Farther away. Run. Fly. Go. I push my foot down on the accelerator and drive off. I push my car up to the speed limit and then just over the limit, daring

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Don’t Forget, Not Everyone Travels For Fun

Don’t forget, not everyone travels for fun. She’s on your airplane, because her mom was just diagnosed with cancer and has been given a few weeks. Don’t forget, not everyone wants to

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How I Travel

I don’t have a secret formula to seamlessly smooth travel.  My trips aren’t seamlessly smooth, so I don’t use formulas.  They’re fun, and you don’t need predictability for

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A Snapshot of The Flight Attendant Life (According to Instagram)

The traveling and sans free wi-fi has made it challenging to sit down and tell the stories.  I’ve wanted to, but also, with limited days off, I want to see as much as I as possible.  In 11 days,

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A Blink Into Life Without Sight

The sing-song of chimes startled me awake. I rolled over, attempting to focus on the neon numbers shining from my iPod player. 3:15am. Ouch. Pulling myself out of bed, I walked over to my desk, and opened

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