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All Over The Place

Abruptly, I stop mid-chatter. ‘Woah. I sound like I’m all over the place, don’t I?” A half smile crosses his face while a head tilt of amusement appears in the space between my words. In his calm

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10 Things The Most Successful Corporate Flight Attendants Understand About Private Aviation (That Get Them Ahead Every Time & That Will Get You Ahead Too)

  I may be new to private aviation, but I have been in close observation during my short time in the industry. I have asked questions. I have been curious.

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“The Motions:” Because Nobody Loves ‘Mile 17’

“Awwww— I don’t like seeing you like this,” he said with concern in his voice. I pursed my lips and sighed. Just be happy. Find what you can be thankful

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