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Trip Of A Lifetime: Giving Yourself Permission To Belong Anywhere

Live freely, inspire humanity and achieve greatness.

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Heroes Of The Sky: A Flight Attendant’s Thoughts On 9/11

Today started off as a normal day. I edited several articles, and answered a reader’s e-mail about what airports are the best to work out of. I texted a friend about plans for a long layover in

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The Best Laid Plans…

  “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley…” “To A Mouse” by Robert Burns   Everything happens for a reason. This week went a little differently

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Fitness for The Flight Attendant Life: Meet Natasha

Hi everyone! My name is Natasha. I am a previous fitness competitor, the mother of a seven-year-old and now a full time flight attendant working the skies with you! I understand how hard it is to stay

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Seven Things You Leave Behind When You Become A Flight Attendant

You gain so much when you enter this industry. Flight benefits, allowing you to fly all over the country, the continent and the world. The ability to stand in front of dozens or even hundreds of people

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