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Routine As The New Adventure

Last night, checking into the hotel in El Paso, there was no sense of relief, the thankfulness that I used to feel when I was on trips in Hawaii, where overnights were my escape from Crash Pad Life.  Landing

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Maybe You Should Get A Goldfish

Today, I caught myself smiling as I looked at Real Simple.  The colorful magazine spread was telling me how I should decorate.  Decorate a house.  Yeah.  True story.  This girl, excited about nesting?

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Follow Up

I had an epiphany.  After writing about an identity crisis and making bad decisions (which writing and publishing the blog turned out to be a bad decision in itself), I needed the light bulb moment that

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Achieving Greatness

If you don’t want to read the post, click the link below to hear the audio version:) Achieving Greatness You know the question.  The one that starts most conversation, and is the known lead in of

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If One Day I’m Not A Flight Attendant

Every year, flight attendants are required by the FAA to go through recurrent training, Recurrent training is when we stews spend a couple of days in a classroom and cover emergency procedures, power

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