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“The New Flight Attendant Life:” Being a flight attendant during COVID-19

What it’s like facing a global pandemic when your job requires you to travel as an airline flight attendant or corporate flight attendant.

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“Just a” Flight Attendant

With each revolution, my legs marched to the rhythm of a pumping beat. Left, right, left, right. Push, pull, push, pull. I closed my eyes to drown out the darkness and the angry burn of tired legs. “The

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So, you think you want to be a pilot?

It feels trendy— flight attendants becoming pilots. It is also an intelligent decision at the moment as private jet companies and airlines struggle to find experienced professionals to match the growing

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‘Do what you love’ sounds nice, but what does it take? 

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Your job as a flight attendant is more important than you think

“Summer. It was so nice talking to you. I hope you pursue yachting and wish you the very best.” I say this while standing to give this girl— a girl I literally met less than ten minutes before— a

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