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Unanswered Goodbyes

When everything you have had faith in crumbles, what do you trust?  How do you know life will keep going the way it has, with the people you have shared it with, in the familiar places where you once

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Dear Daughter

I hope you choose to explore and love and live like you have always dreamed, Daughter.

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My Tinder Boyfriend: Dating & The Flight Attendant Life

I’m dating someone! Oh wait…wrong tense.  I dated someone.  Last week.  Yeah!?  I know, right?!  Biggest surprise of my life and yours:  SHE’S NOT SINGLE ANYMORE! Hoooray!!! But,

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Mother Daughter Flight Attendants

I wish I had thought up the idea to blog about Mother Daughter Flight Attendants more than just 5 minutes ago, but such is life.  I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms in the world. Moms,

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Are Flight Attendants Dateable?

Let’s just start out by saying… Have you ever had someone start explaining something to you by prefacing, “Now, don’t be offended by this, but…?”  The fact that

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If Missing Is A Gene, I Want To Change My Style.

I’m on planes a lot.  If I’m not working on them to raise money for the travel piggy bank, I choose to sit on them, subjecting myself to long flights, hours of waiting, and all the various

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How To Get Along With People

The more people you rub shoulders with, the more opportunities you have to make friends…or enemies.  Being a flight attendant requires of me to spend quite a few hours in a claustrophobic space,

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Dating And Flight Attendant Life

I have been postponing this post. It is one that has the potential to be highly entertaining, as well as self-incriminating… But mostly self-incriminating. A few posts ago, I gave my advice on dating

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Before I Was A Flight Attendant

Many of my before I was a flight attendant days were spent with a smart, funny, sweet, and easy-going redhead. I always said I would never follow a boy anywhere, anywhere being much to vague or broad,

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