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Where Did I Park My Car And Other Things I Should Probably Know By Now

Yes, here is a short list of things that make me shake my head, stopping to jot on my mental notepad, scribbling in my brain, “I’m not going to do that/think that/believe that/react that

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Where Is Home?

Thursday was weird. My brain had no interest focusing on any set task (not completely un-normal for me). I almost lost my cool to fits of tears multiple times (also not completely un-normal), and my stress

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Just In Case

  I was planning on taking the flight on Tuesday morning.  I actually thought I might take a red-eye on Monday, but my delayed work trip made me recoil at the idea of getting on another airplane,

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Before I Was A Flight Attendant

Many of my before I was a flight attendant days were spent with a smart, funny, sweet, and easy-going redhead. I always said I would never follow a boy anywhere, anywhere being much to vague or broad,

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The Flight Attendant Life

I recently had a chance to watch the new show on ABC, Pan-Am, the drama series that begins in 1963, and follows the lives of pilots and stewardesses that fly for the iconic Pan American Airlines.  The

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