Jade Is Not A Good Color On You

Jet lag, and sleep deprivation often feel like an ugly hangover, and that was the state that I was in on Sunday when I went to work.  But, I had to go, although I didn’t want to- this said from a girl that really enjoys her job.  No matter, exhausted, is exhausted.  I had been on multiple flights throughout the week, crossing more than four time zones, and who knows how many thousands of miles.

Waikiki Hawaii

From Sunshine…

Appleton Wisconsin

To Snow…

This particular Sunday, it didn’t help that I happened to be working with someone that, although a decent enough of a flight attendant, I wonder how on earth, and who on earth thought that this person would be a good face for an airline.  I’m not saying looks are subpar, but where is the smile, the nice-to-meet-you grin, the happy-to-be-here persona?  (Which I see as a must to represent the flight attendant life).  I understand if years into an airline career the stew exhibiting symptoms of green jaded-ness, but nine months?!  To me, call me crazy, but that seems slightly extreme, especially when being a flight attendant is a coveted position.

Flight Attendant Problems

Trust me, we all have bad days.

I know airlines have a tendency to push the rules at times, working crews to fatigue, take away days off, or send flight attendants, and pilots away to somewhere at minimum notice, but, at the end of the day, technically, I signed up for this, and technically, I can leave whenever I want.  I choose to work where I work, and do what I do, passenger problems and all.

Flight Attendant Blog

It’s all for love

Not all jobs require a friendly disposition, but this one does, and as a flight attendant, I really do appreciate when my colleagues act happy to be at work, smile, and treat passengers kindly.  It makes everyones’ day better.  It is just a job, but ‘just a job’ can be made more than that through an attitude.  Conversely to the person that I worked with a couple of days ago, there is a girl that I have been so impressed with; you can tell, just by the way that she carries herself she loves her job.  She loves being a flight attendant.  I like being around her, and she influences me to stay positive, happy, and thankful.

Hot Flight Attendant


We all have bad days, but when those bad days are the regular, maybe as a crew member, you should think about a different industry.  Not everyone was meant to be a flight attendant, or enjoys it, and if you have reached the point of jaded, do every one a favor, and find a new color.



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