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On my recent trip to New York, I visited the 9/11 Memorial, a site of rememberance for the victims and families that experienced intense losses in the attacks.  The Memorial opened this past September, the month that marked the 10th anniversary of the tragedy.  I want to eloquently express my emotions and the scene that I took in, but no words of mine will ever be accurate or descriptive enough for a tragedy of such magnitude.  But I here is my feeble attempt… The darkness of the sky contrasted with the soft lights that illuminated the water cascades that continually flowed into the fountains’ abyss.  The names of the victims shone through the bronze that surrounds each fountain.  And the city seemed quiet. A city that is never silent, temporarily hushed, whispering reverence into the landscape. A place where so much pain and destruction happened is being revived, as if to say even in so much death, there can be new life.  A certain tree stands erect, only calling attention to itself by being encircled with a metal railing.  10 years ago the plant had been in a potter, and a month after the Trade Towers fell, it was found in the rubble, the one and only survivor.  Not only did the tree survive the trauma, but it was also struck by lightning a few years ago.  The tree is a symbol of hope.  A reminder that it is possible to survive, even when life seems un-survivable. The fountains are a beautiful tribute.  Each stream of water representing an individual loss.  The innumerable streams signifying the far-reaching losses and the effect that The Attacks have had on the world.  The water flows into blackness; a void.  Nothing will ever replace what has been lost.  Feelings of emptiness and hope in one image, the water a powerful representation of cleansing. The museum, which has not opened yet, was designed to be “a building rising.”  One World Trade Center is under construction, as well as several other buildings, each carefully designed to represent hope, peace, and rebirth.

“A Building Rising”: The Museum

It’s important to remember and it’s important to honor those that have lost their lives, as well as honor those that continue to fight for our freedom.  Next time you are in New York, take the time to see The Memorial.  Also, you can read more about 9/11 Memorial Design and Construction Process by taking a look at the following links: 9/11 Memorial: Information and request free passes to visit The Memorial. World Trade Center:  Shows photos and explains design and architecture. After The Fall:  WSJ article with interactive links. Rebuilding Ground Zero:  Discovery Channel blog chronically the rebuilding process

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Tim Kubrock says December 5, 2011

Beautiful article and memorial. We must never forget our history and where we have come from. Thanks Kara.

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