Love Everywhere: Hearts All Over The World

All day, I have been thinking of what story to tell in honor of Valentine’s Day, and I have been uninspired.

Then I remembered Miranda.

I met Miranda in Amsterdam a couple of years ago, our mutual connection being Becca, my good friend and travel buddy.  At the time, Miranda had just moved to Amsterdam, and I remember the three of us girls, between riding bikes through the streets, enjoying sunny days, and dancing till dawn, we talked about our dreams of seeing the world and the confusions of “growing up.”

For me, that trip to Europe was a first introduction to a world of adventure, and I was inspired by Miranda’s free fall into a nomadic life.  Every once in a while, I take a look at her blog, and I smile when I browse photos of the places she has been, feeling a tinge of “I wish I was there.”

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She tells such a story, and through photos, she has told many, one being that of love.  Miranda went around the world, and stumbled upon love everywhere.

She has been cool enough to share it.

Enough of my writing, read her story, and enjoy “Heart Art.”

Many thanks to Miranda:)

Love, through my eyes…

By Miranda Emanuel

After graduating from University of Santa Cruz, single and confused, I left for a sporadic trip around the world. I didn’t leave on a search for love, per se, but I ended up finding it everywhere. Not in the typical sense: I didn’t meet the man of my dreams or fall madly in love, but I did start noticing love hidden in the surrounding environments of each country I visited.

It all started in winter, in the frigid city of Amsterdam, where I worked and resided for five months. I was chopping salad, feeling extra lonely and wondering why I had chosen to live in such a place, when I noticed a separate leaf that had strayed from the salad pile: it was in the perfect shape of a heart!

I suddenly felt enlightened, like this had been a sign from a greater entity, illustrating the secret beauty that I had been regularly overlooking. Before I knew it, I was spotting hearts EVERYWHERE and I couldn’t escape them. I began taking photos and documenting these natural miracles, and suddenly it consumed my life. Everywhere I looked, I would see organic and unintentional depictions of hearts.

In one year, I traveled to Holland, Spain, France, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Thailand, Australia, and finished off my trip with a sailing voyage from New Zealand to French Polynesia, completing a full circumnavigation of the world. Throughout this voyage I probably photographed about 100 hearts! When I came home, I thought maybe I would lose the inspiration, but it just continued: to this day I am photographing hearts on the regular. I honestly think this habit has caused me to realize what true and secret beauty life possesses. On top of that, after returning, I did meet the man of my dreams. He turned out to be someone who had been in my life all along: my best friend of over six years! So, it just goes to show, love really is hidden all around us. Because of this crazy adventure, my eyes were opened to an important message: love, in actuality, is concealed in everything, but sometimes we might need to appreciate the small things and take a closer look to truly find what we’re looking for

Some snippets of Miranda’s Heart Art. You can buy her Heart Art book here.

Found by Tommy

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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