Airplane Carry-On Must Packs

This is the second post in the series of what to wear and what to pack for airplane travel. In the first post of this series, you learned about the best outfit to wear on an airplane.  There was a bag included with that, and now, we are on going to look inside the bag and see what things that you should pack in your carry-on for your next airplane trip.

Once again, I used Polyvore to put together the contents of my typical air travel carry-on for those times when I travel as a passenger, and not a flight attendant.  There are some things that I couldn’t find on Polyvore, like my favorite Vegan protein powder or an apple, but you get the general idea.  Let’s walk through the items

Must Have Items For Airplane Travel

Inflight Comfort Items:

  • Blanket, Eye Mask, Pillow, Socks:  I am always cold on airplanes, so a blanket is a must.  The outfit highlighted previously, sported sandals, to save time at TSA.  I always throw socks in my bag to make the airplane ride more comfortable and to keep me warmer.  Generally, I don’t have space for a pillow, but if you need one, by all means.  I simply use a jacket as a substitute.

Water Bottle:  Always pack a water bottle.  You can fill it up at a drinking fountain after you pass through security, saving you money and keeping you hydrated, as it’s really important when you fly, to drink water.  Keeps you healthy.  I carry a Klean Kanteen.

All of those electronic devices & chargers:  

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  • iPhone, MacBook, iPod, adapters, etc.  Ok kids, don’t leave home without this stuff.  My iPhone is an all purpose necessity that I can use to download books, podcasts, maps, directions, etc.  I even wrote my eBook using my iPhone! (I figured that one lady has made a bunch of money with 50 Shades of Grey and she wrote that on her phone.)  I always have my laptop for long trips, and carry an iPod shuffle for music listening to save battery on my iPhone.  I’m not sure what we all did before electronics.  Now, turn them off please…

Headphones:  REMEMBER your headphones.  Drown out screaming children, seat mates you want to avoid, and airplane noise.

Get into the country stuff:  I don’t think I need to explain why you should pack these items, and if you do need explanation, maybe you shouldn’t leave your house alone.  Just saying.

  • Wallet- money, credit cards, etc..
  • Passport
  • ID badge:  I can’t travel without my flight attendant ID Badge.  It’s my ticket anywhere.  Make sure you have your airline ticket:)

Beauty:  Keep your beauty essentials with you on the plane.  I’ve listed the items that I like, and always have with me.

Food: Always pack something to eat.  Don’t expect to always have time to grab something at the airport or that the airplane food will meet your dietary needs.  The items listed below are some of my favorites.  Being gluten free and vegan or just picking make a little extra thought go a long way.

Drugs:  The legal and natural ones like Advil and Melatonin.  For the jet lagged days and party it up nights.

Journal & Pens:  Take some paper with you in some form.  You never know what will happen that you might want remember, and don’t expect the flight attendants to share pens.  They don’t carry extras.

You’ll notice that ‘a book’ is not listed in my must packs.  I now download most of the books I travel with to my iPhone, but there really is no substitute to the real thing, so sometimes, I take a paperback with me.  And, you can still read when the flight attendants are being hard asses and tell you to turn off your electronic devices;)

So you are now packed.  Check back often for YouTube videos on ‘How To Pack.’  I want to prepare you well:)

Enjoy your adventure!

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marci says September 19, 2013

Hi Kara,
I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading about all your adventures! Not only has it been entertaining, but also really informative. I start flight attendant training for AA on October 7th and your blog has made me even more excited than I already was 🙂 thanks for sharing your experiences and if you have any more words of wisdom to share, I’d love to hear them!

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