What Time Zone Am I In?

I’m not sure if we left yesterday, or today, or what time my body thinks it is, but what I do know is that 14 hours and 14 mins is a REALLY long time for my ADHD self to be on an airplane.  And what else I can’t figure out is how my Daddio has had an iPad for almost a year, and he has NO games, NO music, and NO movies on that electronic babysitter.

Oh, well.  I’m just glad he signed up for this adventure to Vietnam.  And it was nice to have someone to sit next to, and drool on their shoulder.  The things I miss traveling alone:)

The big bird we took from SFO-HKG

Long flight. I tried to entertain myself.

I drew a picture with my M&M’s and ate too many of them.

I talked to one of the flight attendant’s about her beautifully unique earrings that she purchased from her Aunt’s store in Hong Kong, and then I played creepy passenger and took a photo of a flight attendant when he wasn’t looking.

This morning Dad and I are leaving my friend’s apartment where we stayed last night in Hong Kong, catching a bus back to the airport, and hopefully getting on a flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.

And I tried this stuff out, but I can’t say I know if it works yet.

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