What Do Flight Attendants Do On A Day Off In Clearwater Beach, Florida

A little bit of bliss

This was day five out of twenty-nine, in Clearwater, Florida, where I am based for the month of February. It was also my first day off, not that I have actually flown since arriving. I have been a little concerned of catching cabin fever, a common ailment when stuck without a car, in hotel, located un-walkable distances to “time fillers”. I was thinking a couple of days ago that it felt like I had been here three weeks already, and that was day three. Uh oh! You know how little kids can’t comprehend the concept of “length of time”? Yes. That is me.

But today was different. I treated myself to a little adventuring, renting a car so that I could make my way around the Clearwater/St. Pete area.   I don’t know if I found what I was looking for, but I found what I needed, a day with sunshine, seeing new sights, and getting a glimpse of life outside of a hotel room.  The change of scenery for my soy cappuccino and breakfast was enjoyed.  I liked Treasure Beach, which reminded me of a bigger, more populated Caye Caulker, an Island in the Gulf close to Belize City.  After writing this blog, I feel like I over wrote, because I think that I simply want to convey that today was nice.  I understand the appeal of Florida sunshine a little better now.

A little bit of info for those that do or don’t want to know.

Indian Shores Coffee: Fresh baked muffins, which are yummy, especially when you are me, and have loved muffins since you were five years old. I definitely didn’t fit into the age demographic of the other patrons, but maybe in 50 years or so.  The coffeehouse has character, serves Intelligensia Coffee (which is supposed to be a big deal?…I don’t really know), and there is live music on Saturday nights.

Treasure Beach: I found free parking and walked and walked and walked. And I loved every minute of it.

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Clearwater Beach: So-So, windy, semi-crowded. There are these really cool shades with beach chairs, but apparently you have to pay $20 a day for them. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Frenchy’s: The food is terrible. The drinks are cheap at happy hour. You can probably bypass it, and not feel like you missed anything in your life. Not vegetarian friendly at all.

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