Welcome To The Exclusive World Of A Private Flight Attendant

Editors Note— Welcome to the exclusive world of Private Aviation and a new series that The Flight Attendant Life is launching that will cover all the ins, outs, and adventures of a private flight attendant’s life…

Brought to you by one of my favorite people in the world— Summer. You and I are so lucky to get a glimpse of this lifestyle.

January 2010:

I laid sprawled on my living room floor crying (yup, drama queen). I felt miserable.


I was single, living in a tiny studio in Los Angeles, working a job a did not like. I knew if I put in my time long enough at the firm I was working for I could reap the rewards my heart desired; travel, time to be creative and financial freedom. Well I gave up the job, but I did not give up on my dreams.

Private Flight Attendant Nicole Santiago

What was suppose to be a one year “fun” job, has now turned into a six year career in Private Aviation, where I’ve worked with some of the top charter companies, trained flight attendants across the country, developed flight operation manuals, overseen flight departments in New York, Florida, Las Vegas and California, and of course, continued to fly. Let’s just get the standard questions everyone always asks me out of the way:
– Yes, I’ve flown them all – politicians, musicians, actors, CEO’s, professional athletes, princes… and all the millionaires in between (sorry can’t share names due to confidentiality)
– Yes, I’ve been everywhere, every continent minus Antartica!
– My favorite perk? —it’s all paid for! Food, hotels and transportation PLUS I get paid DAILY for everyday on the road, including the days I’m laying on the beach drinking a Mai Tai 🙂
St Maarten Private Flight Attendant
Private Aviation is a completely different animal then Commercial Flying, so I’m excited to be contributing to The Flight Attendant Life. Life can get lonely on the road, so I’m looking forward to having all you lovely ladies (and men) join me on my travels. I almost forgot, my name is SUMMER! My friends think I’m a bit crazy. Pilots say I’m  like a little puppy, but I’ll let you get to know me yourself. Greetings my new best buddies, and welcome to the exclusive world of private aviation!



Private Flight Attendant Job

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Stephanie Johnson says April 12, 2016

This looks like exactly like the work and life style I am interested in….
How can i learn

Marta G says April 18, 2016

Hi Summer and Kara! Saw the video on FALife channel when it first came out. Was and still am really looking forward to more content from Summer on this branch of Flight Attendant life. What’s up (I mean that in the most polite way possible)?

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