Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland

Happy Holidays!

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland…

It’s that time of year: roaring fireplaces, fresh baked cookies, twinkling lights, mittens and mistletoe.

…but if you’re a flight attendant like me, you’ll probably be trapped at the airport, or on an airplane, soaring through twelve days of cranky customers and mood-dampening delays.

Once you finally land, and the lines at security die down, you’ll be ready for a little post-Holiday break, complete with all the winter-y treats that you’ve been missing.

Welcome to your Winter Staycation.

While the definition of a Staycation usually includes staying in your own home, we are going to get a little creative here and extend the boundaries of your little holiday (Hey, we’re flight attendants, and the thought of jumping on a jet to go five hundred miles is the equivalent of hopping in our cars to go to the grocery store).

Look up not-too-far-away snowy destinations such as Leavenworth, WA, Lake Tahoe, CA, the Poconos, PA, Providence, RI or possibly Colorado Springs, CO. Fluffy snow and space to roam are all on my list of must-haves when searching for a staycation town.

Packing list: Holiday pajamas, slippers, an iPod full of your favorite Holiday music, board games, crafty stuff (if that’s your thing), a couple of good reads, aromatherapy candles, bubble bath soaps, all your favorite pampering products and your favorite blanket.

As far as hotels, my favorite way to go is AirBnB.com. It’s the vacation rentals place for travelers, and gives you unique and personalized accommodations from folks who enjoy sharing their home with adventurers. You can often find an entire condo, cabin or house for $75 a night, outfitted with all the cozy trimmings of a lived-in home.

Once you arrive, the first order of business is to load up on groceries. Ingredients for homemade soup, lots of little snack food for longs days full of grazing and booze-y hot cocoas are at the top of my Staycation grocery list.

Next, change into your cutest, comfiest jammies. Hopefully, your accommodations have some sort of fireplace or at least a cozy heater to park yourself in front of. Don’t be afraid to cheese it up — there is actually an app for your iPad that creates a crackling, digital fire.

Staycations are great for couples, families and even groups of friends, but don’t hesitate to treat yourself even if you are traveling solo. Think of this as a time to blast Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and sing along into a spatula as you try out a new recipe. You can also take time for journaling, practice some deep meditation or just take a breather to gather your thoughts and plan out your goals for the New Year.

If you venture into the outside world during your Winter Staycation, be sure to check out the local attractions. Whether it is snowshoeing near Mount Rainier, sipping local wines in Vermont or checking out the Macy’s Holiday displays on 6th Avenue in New York City, you’ll find a little magic wherever you wander.

Happy Wintering, friends!

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