Understanding ‘The Flight Attendant Life:’ Must Reads So You Know What It’s Like

Here is a list of flight attendant blog posts that will give you a varied perspective on the job, the lifestyle, and what it’s like living ‘The Flight Attendant Life.’  Be sure to follow these bloggers and their websites for a good laugh (Sassy Stew), good advice (The Flying Pinto), and the stories of the ups-and-downs, right here at The Flight Attendant Life.

fly high manila flight attendant blog

Fly High Manila Blog:  Myths About Flight Attendants and We Bust Them Wide Open

Airplane in the sky

The Flying Pinto:  Why A Flight Attendant’s Lifestyle

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Flight Attendant Blogger

The Everyday Jumpseater: Flight Attendant Types

Love flight attendant dating

The Flight Attendant Life:  On Dating A Flight Attendant

International Cabin Crew Blog

International Fly Guy:  6 Things You Should Know About Your Flight Attendant


Virgin Atlantic

Go Cabin Crew:  A Day In The Life: Jenny Virgin Atlantic

Rants of A Sassy Stew

Rants Of A Sassy Stew:  So You Think Being A Flight Attendant Is All Glamour And Stacks Of Cash

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