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Nine flights in twelve days bouncing me between six countries.

This is the flight attendant life.  Actually, I take that back.  This is not normal.  NOT AT ALL.

I feel like a blogging failure right now because I haven’t been able to write updates on the adventures.  So, this is a blog, that is longer than twitter’s 140 character limit, but much shorter than an actual depiction of the dramas of the last few weeks.

But here’s what I’m thinking right now:

  • Hagia Sophia is one of those take the words out of your mouth visuals.  A must see!
  • Ljubljana has ‘it.’  My friend Chris Donnelly, who’s in the know, said, when referring to Ljubljana; “I and everyone else in the world hates the word CUTE, but this is a very very cute city.”
  • Istanbul is overwhelming for me.  Just so busy.
  • I bought a fakey purse, and for the flight attendant budget, it was expensive.
  • I love this life.  I do. But I’m tired
  • I want to sit and smoke hookah, get my nose pierced, and dye my hair brown.  I’ll only do about one of those on that list while here in Istanbul.
  • Porto, Portugal is a place that I must go back to.
  • Jimmy Lowe is missed, and it would be nice to sit on the 25th floor, with my two favorite travel buddies, overlooking a city.
  • I always have some place to go to, but in the last two weeks, I finally wish that, more than a place to go, I wish I had someone to go to.  So, for those of you that have said, “I’m so jealous of you and your travels,”  just remember, my side of the fence is pretty green, I know, but don’t turn green with envy.  I do lots of my life alone.  This is what my life is right now, so I’ve embraced it, welcomed it, and I will live it:)
  • SOOOO happy to be in Turkey with Emily.  She’s amazing.  (She hacked my facebook to tell all of my friends how awesome she is.  Can’t hide the truth:)

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  • Turkish treats are good; baklavas in chocolate and syrupy sweetness. Yummy!  Gelato; you are so last week!

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G-ma says October 4, 2012

Just seeing the pictures of the baklava made my mouth water.

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