A Snapshot of The Flight Attendant Life (According to Instagram)

The traveling and sans free wi-fi has made it challenging to sit down and tell the stories.  I’ve wanted to, but also, with limited days off, I want to see as much as I as possible.  In 11 days, I’ve bounced from Los Angeles to Brooklyn; New York City to Paris; Paris to Porto, Portugal, followed by Lisbon, a return to Paris, with the intended final stop of home to LA.  When that fell through, I took an EXPENSIVE couple of days in Paris (more on that to come) to regroup.  Between thoughts of where to go next, Nice, Morocco, San Sebastian, Barcelona, and Istanbul swirled in the idea driven dreamland of my mind.

So, I decided on Ljubljana.  Sometimes I make really good decisions.  I think this was one of them:)


Ljubljana may seem like an out of the blue destination, but it’s not.  Since last September I have wanted to visit Slovenia, and on my monthly travel to-do’s, it was scribbled in for September of this year.

And so I am here.  I did it.  I did what I wanted to do.

I keep receiving comments on my Facebook page of friends responding to the Instagram photos that I have been posting.  My friends mention how jealous they are of my travels.  Yes, I’m lucky.  I know.  But, don’t turn green with envy.  There are constant reminders that I do so much of my life alone.

Here are more photos from my last 11 days of travel.  This is my life according to Instagram.  (side note:  I had a travel buddy for a week of the trip, and Emily and I are meeting up tomorrow in Munich:)

Le Tour Eiffel

Le Sacre Couer

Charles de Gaulle

Le Louvre By Night

Can-Can Parisian Style

6 Stars

A Look at Notre Dame

Porto, Portugal

Call Me, Maybe

LIS Airport

Lisbon Red

Trolly Car Lisbon

Sheraton Bar with a view of Lisbon

Golden Gate Lisbon

Thank you Airbnb.com Ljubljana

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