Travel Insurance Facts: What You Need To Know

Worse than carrying all this stuff, is losing all this stuff

Following up with the topic of losing things, and due to my most recent underwater burial of my camera, I was told by a very chill Australian girl, “You need travel insurance.”

Oh, really?

Personally interested in insurance that will cover those easily misplaced laptops, baptized cameras, and stolen iPads (keep an eye out for the TSA), I decided to find out if it’s beneficial to shell out  some money for, “in the event of an emergency.”

Here is my version of frequently asked travel insurance questions.  The questions may not actually be relevant, but I realized as I started writing this post, how bored I am (I feel like I am in school), so I decided to put The Flight Attendant Life spin on things.  Whatever that means…”More Fun Than A Package Of Peanuts” or something like that.

Frequently Asked Travel Insurance Questions 

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1.  Does travel insurance cover TSA agents needlessly confiscating a cupcake?

Answer:  Depends on your coverage.  Travel Insurance policies can cover trip cancellations, medical expenses, evacuation, loss, or delays.  Loss…cupcake loss is probably not included, but be sure to check with the insurance company.

2.  I was an idiot, got stupidly drunk, and drove a scooter off the end of a pier.  My travel insurance covers that, right?

Answer:  Travel insurance policies have no scope over your stupidity.  Don’t be stupid.

3. I am toting a lot of expensive gadgets around the world with me.  Will the insurance cover damage, loss, or theft of iPads, laptops, or cameras?

Answer:  Usually, travel insurance only covers a very small amount, say up to $500.  There is travel insurance specifically for business travelers who need coverage for electronics.   Often, travel insurance will cover missing or lost luggage, though.  Check to see if your home owners insurance covers the items during your travels.  Also, there are company’s that do offer insurance specifically for iPads.

I was planning on asking more than just three frequented questions, but this research thing is exhausting and time-consuming.  I’m coming across a lot of, “do your research” and “read the fine print.”  So, there you go.

From my own travel experience, unfortunate sh*t does happen, but most of the time, things generally turn out well in the end.  That doesn’t negate the fact that you still need to be informed, savvy, and smart…if at all possible:)

You may want to check out this Travel Insurance site and look through The Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum, as I found it helpful.


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