A Travel Junkies Top 3 Picks For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day creates dread for some, anticipation for others, and can take a dent out of  a few piggy banks.

Here are three ways you can acknowledge, or if you would like to call it as such, celebrate the day, without buying into the commercialism of roses and chocolate.

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The Museum of Broken Relationships:
Zagreb, Croatia
Entrance Fee- 20 kn ($3.50 USD)
Fly There:  Lufthansa
Approximate Break The Bank Rate: $835+ from JFK to ZAG (orbitz)

Out of all of the sights that I saw while in Zagreb, this was my favorite.  The most unusual, creatively developed museum I have visited, in the sense that who would think to organize an assortment of mementos, collected from failed relationships?

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One of the many unique rememberances

The concept behind the Museum, that “unlike ‘destructive’ self-help instructions for recovery from failed loves, the collection offers a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation.”  The Museum of Broken Relationships has toured internationally and received much acclaim.  In 2011,  it received an award for the most innovative museum in all of Europe.

The hope is that the Museum “can also inspire our personal search for deeper insights and strengthen our belief in something more meaningful than random suffering.”

Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight 2012
San Francisco, California
Cost: Free
Date &: February 14, 6p
Yelp Tips: Click here

I have not had the chance to pillow fight in the streets of San Francisco, but when my cousin guffawed over her experience pummeling strangers on Love Day, I could not stop laughing.  Watch the following video, and you will see what I mean.

The link that I found about this year’s feather fight, may not be ‘official’, but 1000 people might still show up.  In my research, I discovered that International Pillow Fight Day is April 7th.  I think this calls for a Flight Attendant Life Trip.  Options include cities like London, Amsterdam, and…Eugene, Oregon?  Oh, those crazy Ducks.  Just imagine those kids in a pummel fest.

Give To A Non-Profit
The Stay Home Valentine
Cost: you choose
My pick:  ADRA

Maybe you don’t have a girlfriend to lavish gifts on, or a boyfriend to dote on you, so what about spending on someone who actually needs food, clothing, education, water, or shelter?  Even if you do have a significant other, you could choose to exchange gifts in the form of giving to someone who has basic needs, besides your need for diamonds (some have need of diamonds?).

ADRA, a reputable organization, that works with people in poverty and distress to create positive change and justness by empowering partnerships and responsible action, offers a ‘Gift Catalog’, allowing one to decide what cause they would like to support.  Search is based on type of giving or by budget.  One time or monthly donation options available.

Port au Prince: Before Haiti has had a chance to hurt her.

Not to sound churchy, but in the hope of making a point; Jesus once said that true religion is this: “to visit orphans and widows in their trouble” (James 1:27).  I realize that many people have a problem with religion, and for good reason (I have my frustrations with it too), but whether you are atheist or sing in the church choir, there is a level of human compassion that we all need to embrace.   The world won’t get better unless we take an active part in making it better.

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