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I was in London. I had just got back to my hotel room after having a couple of coffees in the lounge with the pilots. (They were drinking beers, but since I’m not drinking until July, I simply supported my coffee love further. Some would call it an addiction. I call it necessary for blog inspiration. Puh-Tae-toe. Puh-Tah-Toe). I was going out later that evening— on a first date— and I needed a nap, but I also wanted to stay with my typical flight attendant layover routine.






I’ve been feeling reflective recently, and as I got myself together and wrote my workout up, I thought of how my flight attendant life is:

Florida. California. Puerto Rico. London. Stockholm. Just to name a few.

I thought about how last week had been so much better for me emotionally and how this week I was struggling with lingering heart feels and heart missing. I thought about how crazy wonderful this life is. I thought about how one day, it will be worth it and how it is really worth it now. “This is my flight attendant life,” I thought.

Kara Mulder Flight Attendant Blogger

And this thought train made me want to know what your flight attendant life is like. So, my idea is this— let’s start a community of photos on Instagram or Snapchat hashtagged with:


How cool will it be to see an “album” of photos from flight crew, new flight attendants, senior cabin crew, domestic, international, American, British…EVERYONE sharing what it’s like living their flight attendant life?!?! Trust me, it will be cool.

So here are the “rules:”

  1. Post a photo that depicts (emotions or place) your flight attendant life and hashtag it with: #thisisMYflightattendantlife
  2. Include a quote in the description that speaks to you or that describes how you feel living your flight attendant life.
  3. Tag @thefalife in the photo so I can travel with you on your adventures!

Here is the example of a photo that I posted using #thisisMYflightattendantlife


And this photo is one that I didn’t tag that way, but that totally explains my feels in the moment. Check out that r.m. drake quote? Just. Love. Him.


I’m so excited to say where our adventures take us!



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