This is #MyFlightAttendantLife: How A Flight Attendant Spends The Hours Of A Month

“Where are you?” they ask…

I answer with,


I am here. 


always going there.

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Kara Mulder Flight Attendant blogger

My life is determined by three pages in a digital PDF document, sent to me every month around the 15th. This is my schedule. It’s also available on a website portal, which from that access point, it can be changed, altered, updated, erased, F***ed up—but not by me. I can do nothing with this schedule except show up to the airport when it tells me to. Show up and smile.

There are 730.001 hours in a month. As a flight attendant, this is how I spend my time…

I spend more hours abroad. I basically live in hotels. I waste time on IG and FB between the hours of 2a-4a in any timezone when I can’t sleep. On average, I sleep only 5.35hrs per night. I’m always tired. Life is always exciting, and I really need to include more kitesurfing in my lifestyle… Hashtag—”goals.”

Cabin Crew Blogger Hours Kara Mulder


Just another view…


This Is My Flight Attendant Life….  
An estimate of the a cabin crew blogger spends the 730.001 hours of a month
Total hours on an airplane: 128h
Total hours at an airport: 40h
Total hours at a hotel: 396h
Total hours at home (days off): 192h
Hours spent commuting: 24h
Total hours spent in the United States: 310h
Total hours spent outside of the United States: 432h
Total hours sleeping: 166h
Total hours eating: 98h
Total hours working out: 35h
Total hours spent packing and unpacking: 80h
Total hours reading: 60h
Total hours partying: 4h
Total hours blogging 140h
Total hours with friend outside of work: 42h
Total hours working on freelance projects: 58h
Total hours wasting time on Instagram and Facebook 84h
Total hours texting: 56h
Total hours kitesurfing: 8h

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