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I once heard a quote that has truly stuck with me.  “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”  Personally, I wasn’t always driven by a clear vision or flight path so to speak.  There was a time in my life when I wasn’t sure where I was going or what I wanted.  I was complacent and was going through the motions of life.  I did have dreams, but I didn’t have a plan to reach those dreams.  My dreams felt so big that, to be honest, I never thought I could accomplish any of them.  They just weren’t what some people call “realistic.”  Some of you may understand this and be in that place with big dreams accompanied in uncertainty.  You do know what you want:  you have dreams, but you don’t think your dreams are possible.  As cliche as it may read on this page, your dreams are possible.  How?  Well, I may not have all the answers, and I can’t push you to do anything, but I can show you what I have done to achieve my dreams and how I continue to work daily to live the life that I imagine for myself.
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If you have a dream for your future, just because others don’t necessarily agree with you doesn’t mean you your dreams are not right for you or that you should give up.  Others can’t and won’t see your vision in the way that you do.  You have to pair your vision with action– with what you do and not so much what you say.  To achieve your goals and dreams, you will need a clear vision followed by action.  Dreams without vision or action or simply fairytale wishes.  You will not accomplish your dreams overnight, and must hold onto your vision when the actions that you are taking don’t seem to be getting you anywhere fast.  Dreams don’t just happen overnight.  I have wanted to be a flight attendant for years, but I didn’t think it was really possible due to my age.  I wanted to fly international trips.  So, based on my vision, I took a beginning action, waited a year and half flying regional, and now I am with a carrier that has routes to places like Turks and Caicos, Costa Rica, and The DR.
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 What am I trying to get to with this is that you must begin somewhere.  I wouldn’t even be writing this now if Kara hadn’t decided to start a blog and chose to, everyday for three plus years, write when no one was reading.  She just started.  You don’t have to have it all figured out to ‘just start.’  Begin with vision. Your vision.
Vision is intelligent foresight. My idea of vision is what you depict your future to look like in a more complex form.  Why complex?  Well I want you to grasp something.  Your vision for your future is not your moms, not your dads, not your neighbors, not your teachers, but yours.  You must own it, live it, breath it, feel it.  Every single day.  How do you do that without that actually being your current situation?  You can do what athletes do and mentally picture “the game” in your mind.  What it feels like to have reached your goal.  What it smells like, what you see, hear and touch, as if it already was your reality.
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One of my biggest goals in life is to see the world.  In order to accomplish that goal, and continue to do so, I had to believe that I could do it.  It all starts with belief.  I had to picture myself as if I was actually traveling the globe.  I had to feel the warmth of the sun in Bora Bora, the taste of the fresh pastries in Paris, the sounds of the honking horns in the streets of New York City and the smell of the mist blowing off the waves of Malibu.  You have to own your dreams as if you have already accomplished them.  I believe that in order to truly believe in yourself you have to remind yourself of your goals daily.  Write your goals and dreams down.  That is a great first step in the right direction for goal setting.  Did you know that 20 percent of people have no goals or ideas of what they want with their life?  67 percent of people have a general idea of what they want with their lives, but have no plans on how to get there.  10 percent of the population have well defined goals, but do not review them daily and 3 percent of the population has well defined goals, writes them down, and reviews them daily.  ONLY 3 percent! That is shocking, right?  With #thefalifeINSPIRES we want to create a community that lives and exists within that 3 percent, with the hopes to grow to 4 percent, 5 percent, 15 percent!!
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Writing down your goals can be FUN, but you have to have reminders daily that will keep you focused on your vision and purpose. Your vision of where you see yourself needs to be in your face every single day.  Remind yourself of where you are going with creativity.  For example, a vision board is a great way to help you see your dreams, not only having words to inspire you but also visual cues. If you don’t know what a vision board is, that’s ok because we are going to show you throughout this month more about creating a vision for your life, how to use vision boards effectively, and for those fly girls and gals, ways to utilize vision boards when you live out of suitcases.  One thing you can do to help keep your vision visually in front of you is to place photos on the sun visor of your car, pictures on your wall, on the door you walk out of daily.  We are just getting started with May’s inspiring topic of vision and will continue to give updates, quotes, and ideas to support you as you create the picture of your world that you want.  Make sure and follow our new instagram account @thefalifeINSPIRES to see and read little tidbits of inspiration as we go on this journey together.
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I want to end with a question for you.  Are you willing to use ALL of your potential to accomplish your wildest dreams?  You are worth it, and your dreams are worth it.  Never let anybody tell you that you can’t do something.  I am living proof that you can and you will.  Remember, start with vision and take action.  God has big plans for each and every one of you, and I can’t wait to see those plans align.
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We will be posting vision nuggets throughout the month and we can’t wait to see what you take from this months motivating focus.  We would love to hear your feedback on this new content! Let us know what you have taken away from this months focus of vision.  Connect with us at inspires [at] theflightattendantlife [dot] com.  Let us know what your vision is!

About the Author Griffin Bruehl

Corporate flight attendant and entrepreneur, Griffin jets all over the world and currently calls New York City home base. You can find Griffin at @TheJourneyofaYoungGun

Danielle Sullivan says May 1, 2015

Thank you so much for this inspiring article! You all seem to have such great spirits. You’re enthusiastic and positive about being a flight attendant, but you keep it real. I love it.

I’m 23 years old. I went to college, got the degree, and managed to get a job, but my head is always in the clouds. I have always been one of those people that has trouble sleeping because I’m afraid I’m going to miss something. I want to see EVERYTHING. It can be exhausting to have this much energy, but I realize it is a blessing.

As soon as I began really looking into becoming a flight attendant, I had this overwhelming peaceful feeling come over me. I just knew this is something I have to do. I like how you pointed out that this vision is for YOU, not for anyone else. No explanation needs to be given to others to explain your vision.

Traveling is what makes me feel alive.

Thank you for the inspiration. I am already looking forward to the next blog 🙂


Bobbie Shetler says May 2, 2015

Congratulations, Griffin. I hope you don’t mind, but I shared your blog with my FB friends and family. I know you and Kara will bless many lives!

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