Adventures On The Alaska Train

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Alaska Train

This week, I took the train from Anchorage to Seward. Four years ago, I visited Seward by train, leaving Anchorage in the morning and returning in the evening.  I had such a fun time on the day trip that I wanted to return, and this week was my chance.  I planned a couple of activities that I was pretty excited about; a kayaking day trip to see glaciers and Orcas (no Orcas sighted), and climbing Mount Marathon (upcoming blogs on those topics.  Please note, I did not run the 4th of July race).

Mt Marathon Seward Alaska

The 128 miles or 206 km takes more time via The Coastal Classic than by car, as the train slows for wildlife, scenically meandering past glaciers, mountains, lakes, and meadows.

Alaska Train Anchorage Alaska


Bald Eagles are prevalent, and throughout the 3.5 hour journey, a “tour guide” points out wildlife and shares interesting facts about the history of the State of Alaska as well as the railroad.

The Alaska Train is fun way to travel; comfortable, convenient, and you get to see so much beautiful Alaska scenery and wildlife.  It’s even fun if you are traveling alone, but you will be outnumbered by honeymoon couples (which I’ve become accustomed to). The train is a bit pricey for the budget traveler, but prices throughout Alaska run sky-high during the summer months anyway, from rental cars to hotel rooms.  The roundtrip train ticket from Anchorage to Seward costs 125 USD. Regardless of the cost, I recommend traveling on The Alaska Train at least once in your lifetime, as it is such a fun experience, one of my favorites.  So go and spend your money:)

People go to Seward for fishing charters, glacier sight seeing, kayaking, climbing crazy mountains, and more.  Seward is a fun place, although, typically rainy, but a little rain isn’t enough to dilute Seward’s charm and appeal.

Alaska Seward Kayaking

I’ve been so busy adventuring and the like, that I haven’t had a chance yet to write about Capt. Phil and learning how to gut Halibut, and about how Capt. Phil almost died twice, and how one time, he caught an 1100lb Great White Shark (Alaska is intense…I’m telling ya!), kayaking and not actually getting frozen, or told of my terror in scrambling, slipping, and sliding my way up and down Mt. Marathon.

Those stories and more to follow really soon!

But, basically, just visit Alaska.  Sad to leave tonight:(

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