The Mundane

Yesterday, I had a passenger smoke her eCigarette in the lav causing an emergency signal to be sent to the cockpit. I was flight leader, so naturally; I had to handle it.

Today, we were delayed for an hour due to weather. While I’m serving drinks to first class, an issue arises with a passenger. This issue was directed towards me. I’m accused of a race issue. I am baffled at the reaction of the lady accusing me of something that was definitely not my mindset or intent. I try to let it go.
I step back one row to serve row 3 their drinks, and one gentleman tells me; “No eating for me today. Just drinking.” I chuckled and said, “Ok—Just don’t get too crazy on me.” He said, “I won’t. I promise. I just found out I have stage 4 cancer.”
I stop dead in my tracks. “How can I respond to this?”
“Quick Talia, think of something!” He’s a stranger to me, but my heart breaks for him. The hustle of this flight attendant job just ‘gets to me’ some days more than others. Maybe it’s the delays; maybe it’s the state of hostility that comes with everything going on in the world lately. I’m not sure. Sometimes I can’t shake it though; the mean people get to me. The nagging passengers start to push my buttons more and more. I start to feel bad for myself and beat myself up. I ask myself, “Why am I doing this job??”
 Kara Mulder

I think we all have moments when we ask, “Why do I keep doing this; this Mom thing, this rat race, this cabin crew life? Cause sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it or we feel like we are failing.

And then, I have the most humbling moments like the man in row 3; the moments that teach me so much so quickly. I suddenly realize that he was the reason I was on that flight from Houston today. God put me in that EXACT situation to serve him more than peanuts and a drink today. God was showing me how to serve compassion, and he was teaching me to soften my heart.
Don’t give up yet. Your soul is a work in progress and you are exactly where you are meant to be for now!

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