The Holiday Rush: What Working As A Flight Attendant On Christmas is Really Like

Los Angeles International Airport Tom Bradley

I can hear three different Holiday songs, seemingly competing for loudness. And obnoxiousness. There are people and presents and insanely large suitcases that keep bumping into me. The normal hum of the airport has become an overwhelming buzz of frantic travelers running from security to their gate, shoes in hand, Starbucks coffee sloshing all over the place. The airport PA system crackles into life, announcing that Flight 357 to Los Angeles has shut it’s boarding doors and has departed. Stranded passengers should see the customer service desk for rebooking. A helpless traveler stops in his tracks and swears loudly.

I don’t think that passenger is going to make the “nice” list this year.

This is it. It’s “go time” for flight crews around the world. We are working long days, all night, overtime to get you where you need to go. Snow and de-icings and overcrowded security lines are working against us, but we are determined to get you through it all.

As long as us flight attendants can hold it together for the next twelve days.

fatigue flight attendant cabin crew

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Happy Holidays from!

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