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I never read flight attendant blogs before starting my own. I just don’t read blogs regularly or if I do, it’s a special occasion (like scoping out the competition or something important like that). I started reading The Everyday Jumpseater because Celessa had linked back to The Flight Attendant Life. I then realized she was an incredibly talented writer. How crazy it is that a year later, the two of us have been to Japan and Israel together, and she has taken over managing my blog a certain points.

Abraham Tours Travel life bloggers

I stumbled upon A Travelin’ Lady due to Taylor’s incredibly cute Instagram, and Volare Learning To Fly was a fantastic find that I don’t even know how I discovered. I have always said that the best adventures happen accidentally…

The Flight Attendant Life Blogger Awards are here to highlight the best flight attendant blogs out on the internet currently. These choices are not accidental, but earned. The flight attendant blogosphere has not caught up yet to the professionalism, content or design that many award winning travel blogs have achieved, but the blogs we have awarded the title of ‘the best,’ are well-written, artfully designed and compete with the best-of-the-best. Readers will find the blog content insightful, professionally written (Fly Guy was a journalist at one time) and entertaining. To be a flight attendant blogger is not an easy achievement (Trust me. I know), so kudos to these five blogs and their creators for creating beauty. 

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Volare Learning To Fly

I love this blog. The first blog I read of Taylor’s was a play-by-play of her day working for a large airline. I loved her perspective and style so much that I reached out to the adorable Australian to see if she would be willing to contribute to The Flight Attendant Life. Airline schedules have gotten in the way of that, but she’s still chronicling her fly life over on Volare, which in Italian means ‘to fly.’ Check out Taylor’s posts like “The Struggle Is Real: Emotional Jet-lag” and “Picture Perfect: Making Smartphone Snaps A Success.” Not only a blog for cabin crew hopefuls or already flight attendants, Taylor writes about destinations and stories of loving her locale.

Valor Learning To Fly Cabin Crew Blog

A Travelin’ Lady

Another Taylor is crushing it with her creation, ‘A Travelin’ Lady.’ This girl is a wriiiiiiter. Her sweet style and artful photos will have you wanting to begin your own fly life, and if that doesn’t happen, you will feel like you are slipping into another world. Not all fairytale, but written with a voice full of hope and a heart for humanity, take a look at Taylor’s signature stamp, ‘Words From The Window Seat’ and prepare to be moved.

Words from a window seat Taylor Tippett

International Fly Guy

Fly Guy is what all flight attendant bloggers should look to as who they want to be— A cabin crew content creator who has got it right. Well branded, with helpful articles and great information on destinations as well as the cabin crew lifestyle, everything about Jay’s site deserves a nod for excellence.

International Fly Guy Jay

The Classy Cloud 

This girl has mastered the art of design meets cabin crew travels with this simple, artfully created lifestyle blog. The Classy Cloud has a large following and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t envious of her shoes. Ji looks amazing in every city she finds herself laying over at and to help the rest of us out, she has added city guides (named by the airport code) to her blog. I am definitely a fan of this classy flight attendant and her perfect style.

The Classy Cloud

The Everyday Jumpseater

I will forever and always be a fan of Celessa’s. The understated design of this flight attendant blogger’s site allows one to be drawn in by the exceptional writing. Celessa tells the stories of regional flight attendant life in the United States and her adventures abroad. Honest confessions and short posts have readers following this girl’s everyday life making it really possible to gain an accurate snapshot of what fly life can be all about. And for Celessa, that often means quiet mornings at cafes, dropping off the grid to spend time with her boyfriend, or chasing her cat down neighborhood streets in her Pacific Northwest town.

Celessa and Tim

Editors note- Google is a beast of an entity, so I am sure that there are more fantastic cabin crew blogs out there, but if I couldn’t find them I couldn’t list them. Also, no blogs that didn’t have a direct URL were chosen. If you are an up-and-coming flight attendant blogger, don’t be discouraged. My blog, this one that you are reading right now couldn’t be discovered in the first 15 pages of Google searches (I would give up after that) for the longest time. Now, it’s one of the main cabin crew blogs on the internet. Keep working hard. That’s the best advice I can give you. I am excited to see what is going to come up with. Keep writing ladies:) -K.M. 

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Zachary Leo says April 1, 2016

As a new FA blogger myself, I loved browsing through these other blogs. I also had never read another flight attendant blog until I started my own but now I am obsessed! So cool to see fellow crew members experiences. 🙂
Zachary Leo

Millie says July 12, 2016

I have been a FA for 15 years and am finally learning how to fly. after reading i start school in a week. but i love this blog. please keep it up.

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