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My favorite adventure friend (besides my other favorites like Emily, Jimmy, Becca, Mitch, Elijah, David…who am I kidding?  I have a bunch of favorite adventure friends. The people in my life are absolutely fantastic!).  But, Nicole…she and I became friends because she didn’t know what a Persimmon was, and I was fascinated by the funky and fun jewelry that she was wearing.

I’m telling you, this girl is cool!  She happens to be a videographer guru, and I have enlisted her as The Flight Attendant Life’s official Vlogger, because, conveniently, she also is a flight attendant.  AND she also is one of the most fantastic and funniest women I know!

Banana Car

It’s just me, Nicole, and The Banana Car in Hollywood Beach, Florida.  No. Big. Deal.

I bring up Nicole for a couple of reasons; one because you must know how fantastic she is, and two, because this post is about The Flight Attendant Life’s YouTube channel, showcasing various escapades, video version.  But you see, these video’s aren’t professional like Nicole’s vlogging, but as far as entertainment value goes, watch away…

You can visit The Flight Attendant Life’s YouTube page by clicking here, or searching “TheFALife.”  I’ve posted a few of the videos below, with a little bit of enlightenment added.

 The Average American

This is from when Dad and I went to Vietnam.  He’s such a goofball, so the two of combined, are one ridiculous mess.  Of course, joking around and laughing about something, while in Sapa, we had to take a moment to make fun of ourselves.

 I Love My Brother

The little sister still has to annoy the big brother.  Family vacays never change do they?

Istanbul Jewelry Making

While in Sultanahamet, Emily and I were just going shopping, but then Mustafa tried to teach us how to make jewelry.

Chiang Mai, Thailand Vegetarian Cooking Class

I spent about a week in Chiang Mai solo, and one of the things that I did was take a cooking class.  It was great fun!

Istanbul Fortune Telling

Turkish Coffee grind fortune with Arthur and the Jack Sparrow look alike.

And…I love you California:)

These are not all of the videos! If you want to know how my Bachelor interview went south, or what Mt. Rushmore was like when I went north, Please visit the Youtube page to see more fun video adventures.

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Nicole says February 2, 2013

You are too sweet! Just like BANANAS!!!!! Much love ~ muwah

    Sergiu Andreca says February 2, 2013

    I love you!!!!

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