The Best Laid Plans…

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Views like this make me forget how early I woke up.


“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men

Gang aft agley…”

“To A Mouse” by Robert Burns


Everything happens for a reason. This week went a little differently than any of us planned.

I ended up stuck in Fresno for two days with the flu, and had to call out sick in the middle of my trip. Natasha had a surprise visit to Seattle with her son. Meghan didn’t end up working a trip to Seattle on her reserve day, but instead got called to go Milan. And Kara was going to come to Seattle, but instead is currently wandering the streets of London, with the help of a little app called HeyLets. None of us really planned any of these things. But they happened.


Sometimes, the best memories are the ones where everything goes wrong. #heylets


Sometimes, our plans change.

And that’s okay.

For some of us, we easily ride the wave of “not knowing” that is this job. For others, such as Type A personalities and serious planners, trusting that the universe will work itself out is a more difficult thing to comprehend.

As a cabin crew member, we have very little say over where we go, at least in the beginning. With seniority comes less reserve days and more ability to bid for schedules. Yet not matter how perfect you schedule is, you can never escape weather issues, mechanical delays or, (everyone’s favorite) difficult passengers.

When these things happen, you just have to ride it out.


So so so tired

Under the weather — again — and out of sick calls and PTO. I feel grumpy.


And then there’s life. Sometimes, stuff happens. We get sick. Cars break down. Phone alarms just don’t work for the strangest of reasons.

And that stuff is a little harder to deal with, because we blame ourselves. We blame our bodies for not being well enough, for being strong enough, for not waking up on time.

Remember, there’s only so much we can handle.

We are super heroes. We are flight attendants.

But we’re still human.

So, if any of you out there have had an “off” week of life, let me tell you something.

Give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Get it out in a good cry, and then find something (your best friend, a good book, a funny TV show) that will make you laugh it off.


Flight Attendant Productivity

We all have a story. This is just the part where the plot thickens. <3


This is life. This is just the chapter called “Obstacles.”

You have so much more of your story to write.

Happy Flying!


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