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Chic & Boutique: An Eyecatching Hotel

I spent a week in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Chiang Mai is in the northern part of the country; twenty hours by train, fourteen hours by bus, and an hour and a half flight from busy and bustling Bangkok. Chiang

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Blink And I’ll Be Gone

I’ve been struggling to write a blog on a focused topic.  I need to write a blog, but I’m lagging, and not just jet so.  My life is so much chaos.  The way I’ve thought things would

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Problems In Paradise

To: Travel Center Subject: URGENT: Problem logging into MyIDTravel. I’m in Thailand and Need to get home.  Hello,  I have a problem.  I’m in Bangkok, Thailand, and I used

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Let The Chaos Begin

Last week, after the disappointment of not getting to live in Hawaii for the month of December, which was to be a paid “holiday” by the airline (that’s the airline that makes The Flight

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