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Did I Just Turn 21???

Not even close, but with the fun of my life, you’d think I was just a youngster. Last year, I wrote about saying goodbye to twenty-five.  I described twenty-five in five words, and I penned my

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Blink And I’ll Be Gone

I’ve been struggling to write a blog on a focused topic.  I need to write a blog, but I’m lagging, and not just jet so.  My life is so much chaos.  The way I’ve thought things would

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From Airport Circus To Actual Circus

Disclaimer:  Mr. Richie Gaona…please don’t hate me for the title.  It’s simply for catch-i-ness:) ha…get it? Yep. Knee slapper. Thank you. So, that’s enough of that.  Maybe

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The Crashpad Debacle

Crashpads are the temporary homes that airline crew members live at when their actual homes and families are not close to their assigned domiciles.  Crashpads operate in the same vein as hostels, shared

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