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I Love My Dad

I’m not certain if it’s Father’s Day.  I believe it is, at least in some corner of the world.  Maybe in my corner.  I’m confused with dates, and times, and days now.  Maybe

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Why Travel Brings Happiness

Often, I am asked if I have always had a love for travel, and traveled a lot when I was younger.  Well, not really.  My family went on family vacations, but mostly road trips up the California and Oregon

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The Twenty-Something Catastrophe

Inspired by my Brother and Sis-law who shared a TED Talk with me, Jesse, and other stories from flying, dating, and my journey through my twenties:) Thanks for reading, -Kara  The Twenty-Something Catastrophe “Have

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My World Of Contrast

I didn’t want to leave Europe last week, but contrary to popular belief, I do have responsibilities, a couple of which were important that I return for.  Miserably though, insult was added injury,

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