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My Biggest Baddest Bucket List

So, I’ve entered this competition. I don’t enter competitions that often.  The last competition I entered was over six months ago, and with that challenge, I needed to woo a casting director

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Flashback February (My Life According To Instagram)

With February winding down and coming to a end, here are the highlights according to Instagram.  Some of my  photos are now available for purchase.  If you like, please support. I moved To Hawaii   I

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2012 Year In Review

Facebook thinks the biggest moments from 2012 happen only when I’m wearing a Dirndl. Ummm…no Facebook.  I like Dirndls, but I wear other clothes. I was curious when Facebook enticed me to

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Did I Just Turn 21???

Not even close, but with the fun of my life, you’d think I was just a youngster. Last year, I wrote about saying goodbye to twenty-five.  I described twenty-five in five words, and I penned my

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Let The Chaos Begin

Last week, after the disappointment of not getting to live in Hawaii for the month of December, which was to be a paid “holiday” by the airline (that’s the airline that makes The Flight

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Maybe It’s Because I’m Whelmed…

I wish I could think up all the write words to fill this space right now.  To choose a topic that google will love, and that will receive  positive praise from readers, but really, I don’t know

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Escapades in Europe: “Taxi Cab Confessions”

Fairytales are those stories that seem nice, but don’t actually happen.  Only at Disneyland. Only in the movies.  Reality states that it’s just unlikely that all turns out right in the end. 

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