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Maybe It’s Because I’m Whelmed…

I wish I could think up all the write words to fill this space right now.  To choose a topic that google will love, and that will receive  positive praise from readers, but really, I don’t know

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Motorcycle Diaries

Riding through Iceland on the back of a motorcycle isn’t something I said that I would do in my life.  Really, a trip to Iceland wasn’t on my bucket list either, but it’s not as

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The Runaway

Have you ever been at funeral and the mood is serious and heart wrenching, and just at the most reverent moment, you were irreverently struck with the giggles or a coughing attack, turning you into the

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My World Of Contrast

I didn’t want to leave Europe last week, but contrary to popular belief, I do have responsibilities, a couple of which were important that I return for.  Miserably though, insult was added injury,

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Where Did I Park My Car And Other Things I Should Probably Know By Now

Yes, here is a short list of things that make me shake my head, stopping to jot on my mental notepad, scribbling in my brain, “I’m not going to do that/think that/believe that/react that

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