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Car Buying, Speed Dating, & An Impossible Match

Emily had begged to go speed dating.  I said there just wasn’t time, which seems a little oxymoron-ish considering speed dating’s whole concept revolves around quick assessments, and rejections,

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Flight Attendants & Firemen

Watch the Video. It was Day 20 a couple of days ago, and Dorie and I needed to Instagram an adventure.  For the month that we have been living in Bellingham, we’ve taken at least one Instagram

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Funny Christmas Gift Wrapping

If you skip through everything in this post, just do yourself a favor…don’t skip the video.  WATCH THE VIDEO!!! Ever get tired of wrapping Christmas presents? Well, have you ever wrapped

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I Almost Peed My Pants

Doubled over, tears forming in my eyes, I had lost all control.  It was seconds until I knew I would pee my pants…well, skirt to be exact.  I don’t know what going to work is like for you,

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Istanbul Bazaar Bargains

Emily and I only like to travel with a carry-on size bags because we don’t always know what flight we will be taking or where we will be going.  But, after Istanbul, our carry-ons have grown and

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Are You Serious?!

The 4th of July. Instead of beach BBQs or volleyball, sun tanning, or fireworks, I spent a day on an airplane, and I met Santa Claus.  I never believed in Santa Claus as a child, and I was the one that

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