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My Codependent Relationship

Always with me, I cannot break away. My grip holds tight. I wonder who I am without, Because we are always, Together. I rarely go unaccompanied. And I am always going. Somewhere. I travel, Questioned

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Jade Is Not A Good Color On You

Jet lag, and sleep deprivation often feel like an ugly hangover, and that was the state that I was in on Sunday when I went to work.  But, I had to go, although I didn’t want to- this said from

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A Flight Attendant Christmas

I’m skipping through Spotify Christmas Playlists, listening to Christmas music, or trying to.  Every two and half minutes, I changed the station.  I find Bieber’s poppy excitement annoying,

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My Life In A Bag

A flight attendant’s suitcase is as a shadow in a land of forever sun, never far behind the click-click of heels that whisk the uniformed figure through one airport or another.   Like a toddler that

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If Missing Is A Gene, I Want To Change My Style.

I’m on planes a lot.  If I’m not working on them to raise money for the travel piggy bank, I choose to sit on them, subjecting myself to long flights, hours of waiting, and all the various

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