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Staying Grounded: Nine Reasons Not to Fly

Let me start by saying one thing: Life isn’t always about soaring above the clouds. There are moments when the fog is heavy, everything seems to be distorted and it’s hard to see what lies

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A Day In The Flight Attendant Life: What working as a long-haul cabin crew member on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner Is Like

It was London this morning.  Los Angeles tonight.  Copenhagen, Oslo, and Florida soon.  This pattern, or trip, is around eight or ten days long.  I don’t

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10 Reasons Why Becoming A Flight Attendant Needs To Be Your New Year’s Resolution

1. It’s time for you to not just step, but FLY out of your comfort zone.- This year, you want to grow, pushing yourself beyond limits that you once believed

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Never Too Old: Starting A Flight Attendant Career Later In Life

I think that it is more than appropriate to post this blog today.  Today’s story is an interview with my Mom, and today, also happens to be her fifty-sixth

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Common Misconceptions of The Flight Attendant Career

There is always a disparity between how things seem to be, and how things actually are.  Anais Nin said that, “We don’t see the world as it is, but as we are.”  I have been surprised

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